Africana Studies Capstone



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Welcome to Hannah Dallman's Africana Studies Capstone !!

The Gettysburg College Africana Studies Capstone is an intensive culminating experience for majors. Under the direction of a faculty member, or advisor, students work to integrate their major and their understanding of the field(s) of Africana Studies. The Capstone Course "reinforces students’ understanding of the intellectual foundations and theoretical frameworks that shape the field(s) of Africana Studies, informs and sharpens their awareness of current scholarly debates in Africana Studies, provides an opportunity for student collaboration in constructing reading lists and devising project methodologies, and builds intellectual accountability among students and faculty". (Information cited from the Africana Studies Department website)

After completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss thesis of Capstone Project
  • Articulate theory related to distance learning
  • Name up to 3 barriers to entry
  • Present up to 3 benefits of distance learning



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