What you will learn

Introduction to agribusiness (AGBM 101)  is a course that intends to provide you with knowledge about the number and the type of diverse activities involved in growing, harvesting, transport, processing and distributing food within the economy and globally. It will introduce you to the management of agriculture as business the so called commercial agriculture as opposed to subsistence farming.

Upon completing this course, you will be equipped with the basic knowledge on Nature of management, The business environment, forms of business, Financial Management ,agriculture Marketing ,Human resource Management and accounting aspects of the Agricultural business

In addition, you will be able to answer the following type of questions:

  • What does agribusiness entail?
  • Of what importance is agriculture to national development?
  • Explain the legal forms of agribusiness in Kenya.
  • Define and explain the functions of marketing.

Training and development include three steps.

Course Details