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Journalism as a profession is a highly dynamic and expanding field of action where persons are engaged constantly, actively inquiring, analyzing, interpreting, criticizing, compiling and disseminating information about issues, events and situations in society.

In the past, this was mainly the role of government institutions such as Radio Uganda, Uganda Television and newspapers such as new vision. The industry at that time required limited personnel, most of who were recruited and trained on the job under the guidance of foreign expatriates like Mr. Tombs in 1963.

With the advent of rehabilitation and development programme, followed by the liberalization of the Media Industry, a number of radio, television stations, print media houses and organizations have been established like Nation Television, Hilton Television, Delta Television, TV Africa, Life Television, Record Television, Capital FM, XFM, Galaxy FM, The Observer Newspaper, The Independent, Red pepper, etc.

This has lead to high competition and subsequently need for efficient and effectively trained personnel who will have a wider scope of what to criticize, analyze and interpret to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

In the era of modern technology, society today recognized information as a resource that exposes one to new markets, creates investments, jobs and income. Hence information technology is viewed as a rapid and efficient mechanism for responding to shifts in demand patterns and changes in the environment. In such cases there is need for appropriate knowledge and skills in the technology and its modes of operation in the dynamic world.

Furthermore the personnel need to develop a system of collecting, analyzing, integrating and publishing relevant, reliable and timely information for political, social and economic development of the country. This information needs to be recorded and stored in forms that can be This programme therefore provides essential guidelines for the comprehensive, up to-date training and education that impart professional skills, values and attitudes to a dynamic journalist.


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