organic chemistry 1: Introduction to organic chemistry



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Welcome to organic chemistry 1: Introduction to organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is a highly developed discipline and plays a role in in understanding what takes place in nature. Basically, organic chemistry explains the structures of molecules and their reactions. Additionally, organic chemistry deals with substances contained in not only matter but also ingredients for use in medicine, dyes and polymers. In other words, it deals with the study of carbon and its compounds. The compounds studied can be ionic or covalent in nature.

Ionic compounds are composed of negatively and positively charged ions held together by electrostatic forces while covalent compounds contains molecules as the stuctural units. Atoms forming the molecules share the electrons between them forming covalent bonds such as those formed between carbon atoms. organic chemistry shall therefore study some features of the covalent bonds, shapes of molecules and various ways of representing the molecular formulas in detail.


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