Title Assessment of students learning



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2.0 Course  (3 Units)


Concepts, and principles: measurement, testing, assessment, and evaluation: reliability, validity, content process and outcome of evaluation; practicability; non- criterion reference evaluation, fidelity,

Purpose of assessment:

Tests for assessing the cognitive domains: essays, short- answer questions- SAQ, modified essay questions(MEQ), multiple choice questions(MCQ) completion items, filling in the gaps, patient management problems, viva voce, clinical practical examinations, matching items, true- false sequential management problems, computer simulation; portable patient problem pack(4p), simulated patients models.

Interpret test results: collating and presentations of results, interpretation of results mean, mode standard deviation and analysis. Designing tests characteristics, critical reasoning and technical skills, self-directed learning and interpersonal skills. Develop and present tests 


Learning outcome

  1. Explain the concepts and principles of assessment
  2. Analyse the purpose of assessing students’ performance
  3. Design the instruments tests/methods for assessing cognitive domain.
  4. Develop various tests for cognitive and performance domains
  5. interpret and draw conclusions on tests scores in relation to the
  6. Design and develop tools for evaluating students learning
  7. Evaluate students learning of cognitive, psychomotor and affective learning.


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