Datasignatures is a limited company incorporated Kenya.

Datasignatures is dedicated to the provision of quality services and requisite support necessary for individual and institutional transformation. In short, at Datasignatures, we nurture talent and innovations for growth.

Our Vision
To be the internationally acclaimed Centre dedicated to Institutional transformation.

Our Mission
Dedicated to the provision of services intended to foster results oriented institution transformation for growth and development.


What we DO

Our core businesses at Datasignature are as follows:

  1. Training, research, and consultancy services for sustainable organizational development;
  2. Developing training resources which include teaching and learning materials including case studies, virtual knowledge management services and online learning solutions and tools;
  3. Developing of commercial viable products via collaborations between Datasignatures and researchers and talented and innovative entrepreneurs, by providing an innovative environment (incubators) for the rapid development of such products;
  4. Hosting internationally acclaimed workshops/conferences/seminars either individually of in collaboration with other organizations.

Course Listing

T1 : Tutorial 1 Data & Statistics
Start Date: Tuesday, 7 March 2023, 12:00 AM
Category: Datasignatures
Teacher Name: Dr phares ochola
Teacher Image:
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